Current Specials, Locker Beef, & Meat Packs



We are closing the front lobby and fresh cut retail meat counter temporarily to insure more control with social distancing and sanitation.

We are also converting from the service retail to fresh frozen products to be picked up at our curbside window covered area.

Here is how it works.

Call in and order what you need to build your menu for a week or more. Leave your phone number and we will process your order and call or text you back with a pick up date. When you pick up you can pay at the window. Our staff will bring it out to the table and you can be on your way.

We have been and will continue to work behind closed doors receiving and processing product to keep up with the demand of bulk packages during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have plenty of inventory at a good blended and discounted price. Now you can choose your cuts and build your menu to suit your family needs.

We have created this product and price list. Which is considerably lower than normal as we are not having the shrink factor of fresh product in the meat case day after day and also not needing 3 employees at the meat counter at all times. Paying attention to social distancing and sanitation is our goal.

We are keeping our basic crew busy processing custom beef, pork and lamb for our local growers. We are also cutting restock for our fresh frozen temporary venture.

Our fresh frozen discounted price list requires a minimum purchase of 20lb total up to no more than 100lb per family.

Don’t panic just plan your meals and enjoy the quality and variety. Keep your family, friends and neighbors safe.

Thank you for your continued support.  The Olson Family