Retail Meats


Contact us with your custom order of specialty meat packs, sides, and quarters of beef, pork, or special items.

We offer natural fed beef, pork, lamb, free range poultry and a full line of Buffalo products. Our steaks, roasts and ground meats are cut Fresh daily at our old fashioned meat counter. We offer several varieties of meat packs ranging from 20# up to 100#. We also offer beef and pork sides or quarters and whole lambs. (See Meat Packs)

Other products our market is known for is our beef bacon cottage bacon, Irish rasher bacon, smoked cheese, cold cuts, dry wine salami, landjaeger, Jerky’s (beef, turkey, buffalo, elk, alligator and different flavors) smoked salmon and smoked oysters.

Just stop in and enjoy the samples. The flavor will please you. The aroma will tease you.

Wild caught seafood! Lobster, King Crab Legs, Scallops, Salmon  Cod, Halibut & more.