Stopped by 1/26, unfortunately 10 min. before closing! However although staff had covered up meat she was still happy to help me. I apologized and quickly ordered what I wanted. Got 4lbs of hamburger and a huge beef roast which I made last night and it was delicious! Tender, very flavorful roast. Shop was neat and tidy, meat that I have tried so far delicious and staff was helpful and kind. Definitely recommend!

Jocielyn W.

Been here twice already. Great selection of meats and fresh every time. Found my new butcher shop!!

Dima K.

The jerky here is absolutely delicious. The elk jerky was flavorful and the venison was tasty. We also god a pre-seasoned chunk of corned beef here that I still have dreams about. Oh mama it was so good.

Christy K.

Bought a couple ribeyes for Father’s Day and they were hands down by far the best steak I’ve had in my life. Can’t wait to go back and try some of there other offerings!

Richard T.

Amazing meat packs! We continue to go back not just for the packs, as they help our family save on beef, pork and chicken. The variety of cuts and products they offer it is great! During the summer you can sometimes catch them smoking the most delicious brisket or ribs. Our dogs love when we visit as be bring them frozen bones back.

Shannon R.

Stopped off here on the way back from Crystal. Bought two tomahawk chops – they were killer and a very reasonable price. Also stocked up on some elk and bison patties, sausage, and venison jerky. What a great place. Really like supporting small butcher shops.

Jason H.

I love this place it has the best meat from sandwich to roast to steak. They have everything from lobster to teriyaki sticks. The staff is wonderful, need something special? Call them first. They have smoked meat and cheeses that are delicious. I can’t say enough great things about them. Try them!

karla b.

Stopped there last week. Got some things for the family and felt like a snack so I got a snack pack (variety of sausages and some cheese). It was super flavorful. Love everything about Olson’s!!!

danielle m.

Every year i buy a gift certificate for my son in law and every year he saids going to Olsons Meats & Smokehouse is like him being a kid in a “candy store”! They have always been super patient and nice to me when i call to get a certificate! Thank you! I’ll continue to do business with them….every year!! 🙂

michele h.

If you are looking for maybe the best steak you have ever had. This is the place to buy it. It is a true butcher shop that has a great selection of meat. If you don’t like what they have in the case they will custom cut it for you. 2nd time going there in two weeks and will be going back again soon.

Brad R.

Yesterday I got married, and today was our reception. I came all the way from Bremerton to get 33 lbs of bone in prime rib from olson’s meats. This meat was amazing. Everyone complemented me on the choice meat. After the party the cook came to me and commented on how great the meat was. I definitely recommend getting g your meat from these guys if your having a large party.

shaun m.

Olson’s Meats and Smokehouse was a great place to get my elk processed into burger. I came in with 22 pounds and received 21.5 pounds back (after adding 2 lbs of beef fat). $1.00 a pound was a very good price for grinding and wrap in comparison to other business in the area. I meticulously cleaned the meat prior to coming in and I have seen and tasted nothing but clean burger so far. Id recommend others process at this shop as ill be coming back.

zach l.

Tried this butcher after I was fed up with super markets “prime” cuts. Walked in and I almost heard the theme to Willy Wonka. Don’t let the yummy display fool you they have every delicious cut available. The meat is beyond tasty. My husband keeps on bragging about the tomahawk steak I bought there. One word Yumm

brenda s.

Awwmaziing quality and cuts with the Tomahawk and New York. We bought some on our way out camping and although pricey, we had plenty of steak to make steak and eggs, and steak salad over the weekend. Worth it!! Oh the bacon was also very good. We chose Alder smoked. They also had applewood smoked.

Jennifer E.